Friday, December 4, 2009

Rule 62 of 2024 Rules for My Daughter

62. Travel often before you get a real job. Once you start a real job after college traveling will be harder. After you start a family, it will become even harder. Also don't believe the hype that work travel will be fun. The inside of a conference room looks the same in Tulsa as it does in Tokyo.


Mom2fur said...

Listen to your mom on this one! I speak from my own experience. I'm soooo glad I went to Europe and visited the American Southwest before I had my four (wonderful) kids. In fact, the second time I travelled overseas, I took my mother and my new mother-in-law to Paris! We had such a wonderful time. I have no desire to travel now, but I'm sure glad I had the experience!

Buck Rogers said...

Thanks for stopping by. I hope she gets to travel before life gets in the way.

Sylvia said...

My plan was to travel before I got married and had kids. Unfortunately it didn't work out that way-- I have two kids and haven't been out of the country. However-- my husband and I now have a new plan. We had babies young, so when they are 18 and off to college, we can retire early (or save enough money and take vacation) and have the money to go wherever we want to... as in college I didn't have ANY money!
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Buck Rogers said...

My wife was 20 and I was 26 when my daughter was born. If we don't have another kid in near future, we have the same plans. I will only be 45 so that sounds like a plan

Kevin said...

Buck, I was fortunate enough to do some traveling in Europe while I was in college. But I met my wife to be the day I moved to Atlanta after completing college. We married a 1 1/2 years later and started trying to have kids about a year after that. I have no idea why we didn't think to travel and so some of the other things in life as a couple other than we just thought we were doing what we were supposed to. My sister on the other hand has been traveling with her husband for the last 3 years and was traveling like crazy before she met him. She has visited places that it's likely I will never get to visit because she took this strategy. You have offered some excellent advice to your daughter here.

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